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Cintel Scanner C-Drive HDR

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Key Features

  • For 35mm, Super 35 & Anamorphic 35mm
  • 4096 x 3072 1.33 (4:3) Native Resolution
  • Thunderbolt 3 or PCIe Output
  • Capstan-Based Movement
  • Raw Output to DaVinci Resolve
  • Optional Plate for 16mm/Super 16mm
  • Optional Audio/KeyCode Reader Unit
  • UHD 4K & 1080p HDMI Monitor Output
  • 12-Stop Dynamic Range, 14-Stop HDR
  • For Print, Negative, Color & B&W Film


Access a wealth of existing film-based content using the Cintel Scanner S-Drive HDR G2 from Blackmagic Design. This industrial film scanner converts 35mm film to raw video output directly to your computer using an extremely fast Thunderbolt 3 or PCIe connection and gentle, capstan-based movement. The Cintel S-Drive Scanner is Mac, Windows, and Linux-compatible and can be updated to access future features.

Use the Cintel S-Drive Scanner's pipeline to DaVinci Resolve for advanced color correction, dirt and dust removal, noise reduction, and additional restoration functions. An HDMI output enables you to monitor, focus, and align your footage in HD as it is scanned and separately available 16mm and audio/KEYKODE units provide expanded scanning options.


Please note that the Cintel scanner weighs over 130 pounds/60 kg and is clearly too heavy to be unpacked by one person.

Convert Existing Film Content to UHD 4K

Scans 35mm film with native 4K UHD resolution to create video content

35mm, Super 35, and anamorphic 35mm

Optional plate for 16mm and Super 16

Optional audio and KeyCode reader

Direct Computer Connection

Fast Thunderbolt 3 and external PCIe interfaces for connecting to Mac, Windows, and Linux-based computers

Capstan Movement

Gentle, rubber capstan-based film handling

HDR Imaging

Captures the super high dynamic range of film14-stop dynamic range in HDR

Realtime Scanning

Realtime scanning rate via Thunderbolt 3 connection

The length of film equals the time needed to scan

DaVinci Resolve Color Correction

Outputs raw video directly to DaVinci Resolve

Automatic dirt removal, dust removal, de-flickering

Spot repair, noise reduction, and additional tools

Film Stock Support

For print, negative, color, and monochrome (B&W) film

For interpositive and internegative film

RGB LED Light Source

Super-bright, spherical RGB LED light source

Illuminates your film source without thermal stress

Diffusing sphere reduces the visibility of dust and scratches

Streamlined Design

Can be wall-mounted or used on a desktop

Integrated cleaning rollers

Updated digital servo motors

Sliding doors

Sync & Timecode Port

A bi-phase sync/timecode output port can be used with audio followers and other components

In the Box 

  • Blackmagic Design Cintel Scanner C-Drive HDR Scanner with Capstans
  • 35mm Gate
  • 2 x Film Spool
  • 8 x 1mm Reel Spacer
  • Desk Stand
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio Software
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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