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SmallRig Mini Follow Focus F40 3010B / 3010C

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Key Features

  • Portable, compact.
  • Precise follow focus and zoom control and comfortable dampening feel.
  • Ergonomic design, with independent modules.
  • The installation angle can be adjusted to meet the needs of handheld and tripod shooting scenes.
  • Adjustable AB marks for easy switch between AB focal length and full focal length.
  • Multiple interchangeable gears (standard 0.8 MOD), compatible with various lens sizes
  • Anti-slip and anti-sweat focus knob (imitating sports car hub).

SmallRig mini Follow Focus 3010 is designed for easy and quick focus control in video shooting.It is fixed to the left side of the lens via Φ15mm Rod 1050 and Rod Clamp (with NATO rail) 3011.The quick-release Tie-style Focus Gear Ring 3284 fits lens of various diameters and drives lens through standard 0.8 MOD gears with different numbers of teeth, comes with M0.8-43T gear 3201.Gear optional model: M0.8-65T gear 3200, M0.8-38T gear 3285; rod clamp (with NATO rail) 3011 supports quick release interface.The marking ring can be easily removed and replaced.The AB marks are adjustable for easy switch between AB focal length and full focal length.Lightweight and portable, the follow focus features anti-sweat and anti-slip focus knob (imitating sports car hub), providing precision comfortable dampening control.Can be mounted at different angles, providing precise adjustment and convenient shooting experience in handheld and tripod scenarios.

Designer: Kylin Wu & Peiwen He


1. Comes with an M0.8-43T gear; M0.8-65T/38T gear is separately available.

2. Comes with a tie-style focus gear ring.


1: Standard Φ15mm rod

2: NATO rail accessories

3: Standard 0.8 MOD lens and focus gear rings and replaceable M0.8-65T/43T/ 38T gears

Φ62.5-Φ64.5 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3291;

Φ66-Φ68 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3292;

Φ72-Φ74 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3293;

Φ75-Φ77 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3294;

Φ78-Φ80 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3295;

Φ81-Φ83 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3296;

4: Tie-style focus gear ring supports lens diameter up to Φ114mm

5: Standard joystick and focus whip

In the Box

  • 1 x Mini Follow Focus
  • 1 x M0.8-43T Gear
  • 1 x Φ15mm Rod
  • 1 x Rod Clamp (with NATO rail)
  • 1 x Tie-style Focus Gear Ring
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • Limited 1-Year warranty

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