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SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite with Top Flag For Camera 3575

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Key Features

  • Weighs only 108g for a lightweight experience.
  • Available for multiple filters at the same time, holds plug-in filters and circular filters as you need.
  • Supports multiple 4 x 5.65”/4 x 4” filters.
  • Campatible with Φ52Φ55Φ58Φ62Φ67Φ72Φ77Φ82Φ86 CPL ND GND VND filters.

SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite 3575 is designed for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to prevent sunlight or other light from causing glare and flare and to control images on the screen. Its clamp connector works with adapter rings of various sizes (Φ52-95mm; Φ55-95mm; Φ58-95mm; Φ62-95mm; Φ67-95mm; Φ72-95mm; Φ77-95mm; Φ82-95mm; Φ86-95mm) or attached directly to Φ95mm lens; its adapter ring fits CPL, ND filter and other circular filters of up to Φ92.5mm. Using filter tray (ID: 3319/3320) can quickly install with 4 x 5.65"/4 x 4” plug-in filters of 4mm in thickness. Easy-to-store filter tray (ID: 3319/3320), which can be quickly mounted onto the matte box via a NATO clamp, supports multiple 4 x 5.65"/4 x 4” plug-in filters of 4mm in thickness at the same time, protects filters from accidental drops and prevents scratches and fingerprints while replacing plug-in filters. The adjustable carbon-fiber top flag blocks sunlight or strong light and also prevents internal reflections with its anti-reflective design.

Designers: Victor Tang, Jerry Zhang


1. Not 100mm rectangular filters compatible.

2. Adapter rings kit (Φ52/55/58/62/86-95mm) 3383 is separately available.

3. Max load capacity: 1kg.


1: Standard Φ52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82/86mm lens

2: Circular filters with an outer diameter up to Φ92.5mm

3: Compatible with Φ52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82/86-95mm adapter rings

4: 4 x 5.65"/4 x 4” plug-in filters of 4mm in thickness.

In the Box

  • 1 x Mini Matte Box Lite
  • 1 x Φ67/72/77/82-95mm Adapter Ring
  • 1 x Filter Tray (4 x 5.65)
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • Limited 1-Year warranty

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