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SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit MD4362

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Key Features

  • 1. Complete solution to tracking shot, where the subject remains motionless in the shot while the environment rotates around it.
  • 2. Allows equipment at both ends to be freely adjusted by 360˚ and fixed, and the included two 11” rosette arms provide more multi-faceted adjustment.
  • 3. 70-49cm / 27.6-19.5in extension range meets demands for a focal length of a lens in different shooting scenes.
  • 4. Stable and portable, able to be shortened to 37cm for easy storage.
  • 5. Built-in 1/4"-20 threaded hole, ARRI 3/8"-16 locating hole, and NATO rail for various accessories.
  • 6. Built-in 11” NATO clamp allows quick release and mounting.
  • 7. Suitable for couples' photography, and tripod mode releases good language of the Lens.
  • 8. Exclusive, stylish black and silver “Mikevisuals” logo.
  • 9. Either end can bear up to 3kg / 6.6lb.

SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit MD4362 is co-designed by Mikevisuals, who engages in filming movies, tourism, science, and technology, under the SmallRig’s DreamRig Program. It aims to facilitate tracking shots, zooming in and out, etc. The adjustable arm comes with such accessory mounts as 1/4"-20 threaded holes, ARRI 3/8"-16 locating holes as well as NATO rails that quickly connect magic arms to help adjust shooting distance. It can be extended by 49-70cm / 19.5-27.6in, and shortened to 37cm for easy storage, with either end load-bearing capacity of 3kg / 6.6lb. Both NATO rails are 20.5cm / 8.1in long, suitable for different focal lengths of lenses, and feature scales for recording distance data. The 11’’ rosette arm, with a load-bearing capacity of 3kg / 6.6lb, also features a 1/4“-20 screw with locating pins and NATO rail.

Note: Please hold the arm stationary with your hand before locking/tightening or loosening the rosette!

Work With

NATO rail, NATO clamp, 1/4“-20 locating screw, ARRI 3/8" -16 locating hole

Technical Data

  • Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel

  • Product Dimensions: 370 x 51 x 54.9mm / 14.6 x 2.0 x 2.2in
  • Package Dimensions: 390 x 177 x 63.5mm / 15.4 x 2.0 x 2.2in
  • Product Weight: 917g±5g / 32.3±0.2 oz
  • Package Weight: 1343g±5g / 47.4±0.2 oz

In The Box

  • Adjustable Arm x 1
  • 11” Rosette Arm x 2

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