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VSGO Air Blower Duster 100000 RPM Palm Turbo Blower Compatible for Camera / Lens / Keyboard / Drone Cleaning

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Key Features

  • Innovative Electric Air Blower100000rpm high-speed turbo motor
  • Portable and Small The height of the VSGO electric air blower is only 4.5 inches.
  • Equipped with Nozzle and Brush 
  • 1200 mAh battery, 60 minutes of long battery life, USB type-c direct charging, very convenient.
  • Three Wind Powers and Two Modes
  • Replaceable Air Purification Filter

Adopts 100000rpm high-speed turo motor, the wind power can reach 120km/h, and the dust removal capacity is 4.2kpa. Easily and quickly blow off dust from cameras and lenses. The 5-axis CNC carved all-metal fan blades, combined with high-speed brushless motors, can significantly increase the air output.

Equipped with a removable linear flat mouthpiece and soft-bristled brush head, which makes the dust removal efficiency doubled. 1200 mAh battery, 60 minutes of long battery life, USB type-c direct charging, very convenient.

Press the button to blow the air, release it to turn off, or you can switch the long-term air outlet mode. Two modes can be switched freely. Wind speed 1:20m/s for CMOS cleaning. Wind speed 2: 29m/s for Camera lens cleaning. Wind speed 3: 34.5m/s for Camera host, flash cleaning. With LED lighting, the brightness can reach 36LUX, which can be used as an ash cleaning aid.

The inlet filter can filter the air 99. 97% dust, pollen, meet one-way air intake, eliminate secondary pollution, eliminate dust intrusion. Industrial style appearance not only ensure function, but the pursuit of product fun experience and texture.

In The Box

  • Packing Box
  • Instructions
  • Exchangable air filter
  • Blower head
  • Brush head
  • Type-c charge filter
  • motor head
  • Exchangable clip

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