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ZEAPON AXIS 80 / 100 / 120 Pro Carbon Fiber Motorized Slider

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RM 4,850.00
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RM 4,850.00
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Key Features

  • True dual axis, no tuning required
  • LCD central control screen, start filming within 5s
  • Perfectly compatibility, switch to 3-Axis in 1s

The ZEAPON AXIS multi-axis motorized slider series utilizes high-quality carbon fiber as the main supporting material. The central control slider integrates a motorized pan-tilt head for panning motion and can be linked with ZEAPON's proprietary PONS pan-tilt head to form a multi-axis motorized slider, enabling true multi-axis operation and filming capabilities for the slider.

Using 11 LAYER of high quality full carbon fiber material, the carbon fiber tube is lighter in weight, higher in strength, better in deformation resistance and stability, and has been polished 5 times, making it smooth and stable.

Adopts an integrated motorized pan/tilt head, which can automatically follow the focus tracking, no matter how the slider and the subject are placed, just simply set the start and end points.

LCD central control screen, the ZEAPON multi-axis motorized slider series can be operated with the buttons and follow the options displayed on LCD, which is easy to understand and use.

The pan head of the slider comes with a quick-mount interface, making it fully compatible with the PONS motorized pan head and PONS Tilt Arm Kit. Upgrading to a three-axis setup becomes simple and cost-effective.

By releasing the lock buckle, you can instantly switch to manual mode on the slider, completely separating the belt from the motor, the slider movement is no longer dragged by the motor.

12kg Great safety load range, vertical load less than 3.5kg, horizontal load less than 12kg items without any issue.

Slider lock located below the battery compartment to secure the left and right movement of the slider, making it convenient for temporary transitions and transportation, thus avoiding equipment damage. The pan head lock on the side of the central control head can temporarily lock rotation of the pan, making camera installation and disassembly even more convenient.

Power supply without batteries. When the battery is low or during extended usage,you can directly power the slider using any 5-12V 3A power adapter or power bank.

Multiple support modes, combining stability and flexibility.


AXIS 80    800mm    600mm    4.2 kg

AXIS 80 Pro    800mm    600mm    5.4 kg

AXIS 100    1000mm    800mm    4.6 kg

AXIS 100 Pro    1000mm    800mm    5.8 kg

AXIS 120    1200mm    1000mm    4.7 kg

AXIS 120 Pro    1200mm    1000mm    5.9 kg


In The Box

AXIS 80 / 100 / 120

  • AXIS 80 Multi-axis Motorized Slider ×1
  • NP-F970 Battery x1
  • AXIS 80 Carring case ×1
  • Tripod Support rods ×2
  • 80 backup belt ×1
  • Phillips screwdriver ×1
  • H2.5 wrench ×1
  • 3/8 to 1/4 convert screw ×1 Manual ×1
  • Warranty Card ×1

AXIS 80 Pro  / 100 Pro / 120 Pro

  • AXIS 80 Multi-Axis Motorized Slider ×1,
  • NP-F970 Battery x2
  • AXIS 80 Carring Case ×1,
  • Tripod Support Rods ×2,
  • AXIS Manual ×1,
  • PONS Motorized Pan Head ×1,
  • PONS Tilt Arm Kit ×1,
  • PONS Manual ×1,
  • PONS Tilt Arm Kit Installation Guide ×1,
  • 80 Backup Belt ×1,
  • Phillips Screwdriver ×1,
  • H2.5 Wrench ×1,
  • 3/8 to 1/4 Convert Screw ×1, Warranty Card ×1

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